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Turkey Galaxy S3 launch celebrated with impressive 4D projection on Istanbul’s Rumeli Hisari fortress [video]

June 25, 2012

The Rumelian Castle (Rumeli Hisari in Turkish) is an impressive fortress resting on the European bank of the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul. The castle was built in the fifteenth century before the fall of Constantinople, serving various purposes since then. Samsung has put to good use the three impressive towers that guard the strait only metaphorically these days – they were once used to control the traffic inside Bosphorus – in a majestic Galaxy S3 4D projection show that celebrated the launch of the Galaxy S3 in Turkey in late May.

As you can see in the 10-minute video below, Samsung lit up the three main towers as well as some of the walls of the Rumeli Hisari fortress with a projection show meant to show potential Turkish Galaxy S3 buyers what the Galaxy S3 has to offer. The South Korean company made very good use of the three towers that measure from 21 to 28 meters in height and from 23 to 26 meters in diameters to highlight certain features of its 2012 flagship device.

Image credit: Flickr

Due to their size and placement, the towers are an unmistakable landmark of Istanbul, and they offer a great sight especially during the night. Samsung’s show was available to anyone looking at the Rumeli Hisari fortress on the evening of May 30 from the Asian side of straight or from the waterfront. But if you missed it for any reason then you can relive it by watching the YouTube video.

The terrain played a crucial part in this Samsung display, as the three towers are placed on different levels. This allowed the Android device maker to play around when projecting the features of the Galaxy S3 or some of the apps that users will have access to – just check out Angry Birds game play hilariously highlighted on the impressive towers of the castle. As for the “4D” effect, the company had the cylindrical walls of the towers open up virtually to reveal certain Galaxy S3 features only to close back up after each one.

Have you seen this Galaxy S3 show live?