Truecaller and Huawei teamed up in a “strategic deal” that will see the popular caller ID app pre-loaded on many of Huawei’s smartphone models.

Truecaller has been installed over 250 million times, according to data the company provided to TechCrunch’s Jon Russell. Out of this sizeable user base, more than half of Truecaller’s users are based in India. While the company refuses to reveal its monthly average user stats – arguably more important than the install counts – TechCrunch sources claim the figure is in the vicinity of 90-100 million.

Huawei will preload Truecaller on smartphones it sells in U.S., Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia and, of course, India. It looks like China, Huawei’s main market, is not part of the agreement.

Both Honor and Huawei branded devices will feature Truecaller out of the box, and the recently announced Honor 8 will open the road for the integration.

It’s another coup for Truecaller, which has managed to have its app preloaded on devices from brands like LG, Lenovo, or Blu.

Of course, some view Truecaller and its ilk as bloatware, and the truth is the software experience on Huawei devices could use some streamlining. That said, especially in India and other markets where Truecaller is popular, this deal could prove advantageous for everyone involved.

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