Trigger Gesture App for Android
Due to the most recent advancements in the world of consumer electronics and technology, tactile buttons are slowly but surely going the way of the dodo. Touch-based control is where it’s at. And thankfully, tapping, poking, and swiping are not the best options for “touching” that human beings can do.

Indeed, there’s an innovative category of touch-based control called gestures, and it’s one of the better ways of performing actions on most modern touch-based devices. Android smartphones and tablets are of course no exception. So it’s a good thing that a new gesture launcher app has just become available on Android. And the best thing about it is that it can be downloaded and used for free.

We’re talking about Trigger, the latest gesture launcher made available for Android, which can be downloaded right now for free on Google Play. The free app is a limited version that lets users employ a maximum of six different gestures on their devices. Meanwhile, a premium version of the app with no such limits or restrictions can also be downloaded on Google Play. It costs $1.99.

Trigger will enable users to do all sorts of things with their Android-powered devices all with the use of gestures. Things like launching certain apps and performing certain actions will be so much easier, with the caveat that they will require memorization of a few new gesture-based actions. If you’re still not convinced that it’s worth the price, feel free to take the free version for a spin to see what it’s like.

David Gonzales
David is a mobile computer geek who firmly believes that in order to stay healthy, one needs to eat daily doses of gadgets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Join him as he indulges his passion for technology and fascination with all things Android.