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Trigga - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Trigga. It's an alarm application that lets your friends record your alarm tones to wake you up every day.
September 8, 2014
Trigga review

What is Trigga?

Trigga is an alarm application that takes the control of setting your own alarm tones out of your hands. It’s a pretty simple premise. Instead of setting an alarm tone or a song to wake you up, your friends can record themselves talking to you and that is what gets set as your wake up tone. With this, your friends can send best wishes on important days or –if your friends are like my friends– you can shout obscenities to wake your friends up every morning.

Here’s how it works. You invite your friends to use Trigga or add them using their phone number or email. Once they’ve registered and you have been connected to them, you can start sending voice notes to your friends. Those notes will be played when their alarms go off. Of course, they can vice versa to you.

The interface may look antiquated but it’s actually just a weird color choice. It’s quite easy to navigate and adheres to most of the Holo guidelines. The hamburger menu pops out of the left side and allows you to navigate through the app and see what there is to see. There is a timeline where you can see your friends set alarms, a section to record yourself for them, and a section to check out your friends and groups. As you can imagine, there is a section where you set alarms too.

Lastly there is a credits system. You can use credits to send a “Trigga Bomb”. What this does is let you reset the alarm time to whenever you want. Yes, it’s a pretty wicked prank but they don’t seem to interfere with regularly scheduled alarms. You earn credits by inviting people and you can buy them as in app purchases. You do not need to use credits or purchase anything in order to record yourself for people’s alarms. This is just for the “Trigga Bombs”.

Trigga review
This is a pretty fun little alarm app. There are really nice, pleasant alarms that wake you up gradually and make you feel better when you do. After a while they can all get a little boring. With Trigga, you can spice things up a bit and have a little fun while you’re at it. It’s free to download in the Google Play Store now.