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Adding more life to your battery with Trend Micro Longevity

March 27, 2012

It’s very frustrating to run out of battery power at a time when you’d need your Android phone or tablet to run a bit longer for more urgent tasks.  If you’re near a power outlet and you have your charger cable with you, then you’re in luck.  But, what about those times when you’re on the go?

There are several tools and apps that can help you optimize the battery consumption of your device, but many of them still aren’t good enough. A lot of users are still looking for the perfect app that would solve their battery problem.  In the quest for the perfect battery optimization app joins Trend Micro’s battery saving tool: Longevity.

Trend Micro already has a reputation as a computer security solution provider and now it brings Trend Micro Longevity, a tool to help optimize the battery consumption on Android devices. What’s great about this app is that it is very comprehensive, covering all aspects for the very purpose of saving battery life, yet it is very simple to use with its user-friendly interface.

Trend Micro Longevity has two main features dedicated to save your battery power. The first is the Just-a-Phone mode.  This mode essentially works by turning your phone into a device just for texting and calling. All the other things such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are put to rest, and it even lets you see which apps are causing your battery to drain faster.

The second main feature of this app is called Power Hog App Alert, which shows to you a list of all the things using the battery and lets you filter, stop or uninstall the application that is consuming most of  your battery power, thereby presumably making your phone more efficient in using precious battery power.

Using Trend Micro Longevity

To use this app, you must first subscribe to the service by providing a valid email address and  your country information. Once you open the app, you will immediately see the aforementioned features on the homescreen, which houses the on-screen controls and three main tabs.

The battery dial lets you know how much power is still remaining in your battery and when you tap it, you will be shown battery-related information like as the temperature, the voltage, even the type, and current health.

If you want to use the Just-a-Phone mode, the app asks you which currently running apps you want to stop (e.g., Bluetooth and Wi-Fi).  It also reduces screen brightness. You can also save your settings so that you will not need to set it again every time you open the app.

When you tap the Power Hog tab, it will show to you a pie chart showing all the apps and services that are using battery power. From there, you can choose to filter, stop, or uninstall an unapproved app by just tapping the option on the screen.

When using the Alert Tab you can specify which events or circumstances you want the app to alert you to (e.g., battery is fully charged, other system resources are over-hogged, or your battery power drops to a certain level).

If the other battery saving apps on the Google Play Store have not lived up to your expectations, try Trend Micro Longevity and see whether it gives you what you need.  You can download Trend Micro Longevity free from the Google Play Store.

What battery saving techniques do you employ?  What battery saving apps do you use on your Android device?