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How to make images transparent in PowerPoint

Make text visible through your images.
January 18, 2023

PowerPoint allows you to add pictures to presentations from anywhere. You can copy images to your clipboard from the internet and paste them in, upload them from your local files, and more. That said, images can cover your text. If you don’t want to send them to the back and would rather see through them, here’s how to make a picture transparent in PowerPoint.

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To make a picture transparent in PowerPoint, right-click the picture. Go to Format Picture… > Picture > Picture Transparency. Use the Transparency slider or % value window to change the transparency of the selected image.


How to make an image transparent in PowerPoint

In your PowerPoint, right-click the image you want to make transparent. Select Format Picture….

format picture in powerpoint
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In the panel on the right, there are four icon tabs: Fill & Line (bucket), Effects (pentagon), Size & Properties (square being measured), and Picture (photograph).

Select Picture.

go to picture tab powerpoint
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Click the Picture Transparency arrow.

open picture transparency
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Use the Transparency slider to change the transparency of your image.

use transprency slider
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When finished, close the panel on the right by clicking the X.

transparent image powerpoint
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How to make a background picture transparent in PowerPoint

The process of making a background image transparent is the same as making any other image transparent in PowerPoint. Right-click the background image, then go to Format Picture…. Click the Picture tab, then use the Picture Transparency option to alter the transparency of your background.

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