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Transformers Battle card game from DeNA coming to Android this fall

August 4, 2012
transformer battle card game

DeNA, the publisher of the popular card battle title Rage of Bahamut, announced that it will release a card battle game inspired by Hasbro’s Transformers franchise. Transformers Battle will mark the first result of the recent collaboration agreement between DeNA and the toy maker, with other titles expected to follow over the next three years.

Transformers Battle will be released on Android and iOS sometime in fall 2012. The game will let players collect cards representing over 200 Transfomers, both Autobots and Decepticons, and pitch them against each other (PvP) or in campaigns. There will actually be two campaigns. Players that choose Autobots will be tasked with defending the Earth against the assaults of the evil Decepticons. Players that prefer the Decepticons will have to mine the Earth for the precious energon, and of course, lay waste to Optimus Prime’s army.

The graphic design of the cards is a nod to the first generation of the Transformer franchise, albeit featuring artwork revamped for 2012.

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Transformer Battle will join a slew of other card games that have become quite popular lately in the Western markets, after dominating for years Japan, the genre’s home country. According to Inside Mobile Apps, Rage of Bahamut has been the top grossing app for Android for 16 weeks straight and one of the top five grossing apps on iOS for 7 weeks. Inside Mobile Apps quotes an expert that estimates that the game brings $43,000 per day for DeNA, and that’s excluding the Japanese market.

We’ll have to see if a card battle game inspired from the popular Transformer series will be more familiar to the Western user, and thus, even more successful than Rage of Bahamut.