It’s been close to eight years since Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn last teamed up for the huge box-office hit “Wedding Crashers”, and the Hollywood life hasn’t exactly been kind with the two once upon a time comedic geniuses.

Most of OW’s latest movies have tanked big-time, including “The Big Year”, “Hall Pass” and “How Do You Know”. Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn has missed the mark from both the writer and protagonist seats in “Couples Retreat” and only as an actor in “The Watch”, “The Dilemma” and “Fred Claus”.

But can the two get their mojo back with a new collaboration? We shall find out come June 7, when “The Internship” is to hit theatres.

Now, you’re probably asking yourselves since when is Android Authority so interested in Hollywood motion pictures. Well, it might come as a shocker, but we do have other hobbies besides technology. And given that this particular film’s action is set in Google’s Mountain View campus, we figured you might want a heads-up.

Frankly, we don’t think The Internship is going to be a masterpiece. After all, the screenplay is co-written by Vaughn, while Shawn Levy, the man who single-handedly destroyed the Pink Panther’s charm with a terrible remake, is in the director seat.

But hey, it’s not like we’re expecting the new comedy to sweep the Oscars. Instead, the premise sounds funny and quirky: two ex-salesmen in their fourties battling it out for a Google internship with 20 year-old tech masterminds.

The trailer is hilarious, while the cast is awfully promising, with John Goodman, Rose Byrne and Josh Gad in supporting roles. And if the producers can throw a Larry Page and/or Sergey Brin cameo in there (not likely, but a man can dream), we’re sold. How about you?

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