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Keeping Smart Tabs on Phone Call Statistics with Smart Analytics

December 26, 2011

If you’re the type of person who’d like to track the number of outgoing and incoming calls you’ve gotten from a certain contact, then Smart Analytics is the app for you. It is, foremost of all, a statistics monitoring app providing real-time data of your phone contacts.

For instance, it tracks the number of times you’ve called a certain contact, as well as the number of times that contact has called you. Smart Analytics also tracks the number of unanswered incoming calls from or to that contact.

To make it easier for you to make sense of all the numbers, Smart Analytics also shows the statistics of call durations in a chart. You can also choose to show call statistics for the last 30 days, the last 7 days, or the last 24 hours.

To see your list of contacts and find out which ones you’ve contacted the most, all you have to do is tap the People button on the Smart Analytics main screen. From there you can see not just your contacts’ numbers but also detailed stats of incoming and outgoing calls per contact, as well as the average rate of successful call connections to each contact.

Smart Analytics doesn’t just stop at giving you the statistics on your calls but also gives you a breakdown of your device’s internal storage. On Smart Analytic’s homescreen, tapping Storage brings up how much internal memory you have, how much of it is still available, and how much internal memory you’re consuming.

Smart Analytics is still being continuously developed and improved. The app developer is planning to incorporate more useful features into the app, including support for external storage, detailed breakdown of storage use according to apps that use the storage, detailed phone settings, and averages (especially for call durations per contact). The developer is also planning to include one of the most-requested features for the app: a Smart Analytics widget for the homescreen.

Some people won’t probably see the usefulness of the app, but to me, it is useful in communications planning, especially since I’m almost always busy and I have to use my time efficiently. So, with statistics like average success rate, I can make an informed decision about whether calling this or that contact is more efficient than shooting an email. If the average success rate of my contact is very low, I might need to contact him/her through a different channel.

Or, take the case of the statistics for average call duration. I can use the numbers to determine how long my next call conversation with a contact should be. If, for instance, the said contact is someone of high significance to my affairs (say, a business associate), I can decide accordingly to shorten or lengthen my succeeding calls to that contact.

To start checking your call statistics, you can get Smart Analytics free from the Android Market.