Just when we thought the Touchdroid team would come out more stable and more solid after its first major organizational hurdle, the Touchdroid team has succumbed to a new one–and team members have packed their bags, leaving only the CyanogenMod team as the last well-organized team standing to champion porting Android to the HP TouchPad.

Over allegations of code theft and plagiarism, the Touchdroid team has decided to discontinue working on the Touchdroid project.

The team posted last week a video showing multi-touch input already working on the HP TouchPad screen with Android running. The CyanogenMod team cried foul over the Touchdroid team’s claims of getting the touchscreen driver to work, especially since the Touchdroid team did not credit the CyanogenMod team for the code used in the driver.

In a post on the teach-touchdroid blog, one team member explained:

The code for our touchscreen driver was found on a public pastebin which was believed to be from team CM by some of our team members. This was later proven by team CM as well as other publicly posted channel logs. Some [Touchdroid] team members decided to use this code against team CM and not publicly credit CM team for this release which was wrong.

As the drama unfolded the [Touchdroid] team began to break up and its trusted members are no longer actively working on a port for the HP touchpad under this team.

The said team member, who claimed that his/her role on the Touchdroid team was limited only to “testing builds and posting videos,” apologized for the ruckus and said that “invalid and discrediting content from the site” has already been removed.

Also, the post author has provided a system dump of the currently working Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread version (with functional touchscreen drivers) from his/her HP TouchPad test unit, with the hope that it would “light a fire” to get Android ported to the HP TouchPad.

Meanwhile, the CyanogenMod team is still continuing its efforts to get a fully functional version of Android to work on the HP TouchPad. According to the team’s last public update regarding the project, the following items are already currently working:

  • Android USB gadget with adb
  • LVM in Android
  • Touchscreen with multitouch
  • gfx acceleration
  • proper pixel format (color)

Wi-Fi is still not functional, although the CyanogenMod developers hint of having made “tons of progress” with getting Wi-Fi to work on the HP TouchPad.

The CyanogenMod team has no plans of releasing a pre-alpha version for public use. Instead, the team will be focusing its efforts on producing a properly working Android port for the HP TouchPad. If you are one of those who have been waiting for a download link to the CyanogenMod port for the HP TouchPad, that last statement is best understood using two words: wait patiently.

Will you be replacing webOS with CyanogenMod’s Android port for the HP TouchPad? Or will you dual-boot both OSes?

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