We saw it coming. We just didn’t expect it to be this quick. The Touchdroid team has now made touchscreen input work on the HP TouchPad with Android running on the device.

The Touchdroid team announced the news on Twitter just a few hours ago and even uploaded a video demonstrating the functional touchscreen.  This, despite having gone through issues concerning misuse of funds and misrepresentation of the team.


Getting the Android-running HP TouchPad’s screen to respond to finger input has been one of the basic hurdles that Touchdroid and other similar teams of developers have been working on. The Touchdroid team, as well as the CyanogenMod team, jumped through one other big hurdle recently: that of getting Android to boot on the TouchPad.

The Touchdroid team has recently succeeded in dual-booting webOS and Android on the tablet.

The team has not announced any other new functionality, but getting the touchscreen driver to work on the HP TouchPad is already big deal. After all, with a non-functional touchscreen, the tablet is practically useless.

Although the developers have also not chirped anything about getting the radios and sensors working yet, we are very sure that those are in the pipeline, as well.

Here’s the demo video showing that multi-touch, ten-finger input already works on the HP TouchPad with Android onboard:

The HP TouchPad recently caught the attention of many people, especially Android developers, after HP slashed down the TouchPad’s price to a ridiculous US$99. Both the Touchdroid and CyanogenMod teams wanted to take advantage of the price drop in order to port Android over to the HP TouchPad, either to fully replace webOS or to multi-boot with webOS.

HP has also announced that it will produce one last batch of tablets. Reports say the next batch will number up to a million more HP TouchPad units. No one can say for certain whether the new units will still be priced US$99 for the 16-GB model and US$149 for the 32-GB model.

A lot of Android fans who are thinking of purchasing a new Android tablet have considered the HP TouchPad, especially with news of successful progress with porting Android to the TouchPad. Many of such users believe that the HP TouchPad will run better with Android as its operating system.

Among those who have acquired an HP TouchPad during the fire sale, how is it performing so far? And, why or why not would you consider replacing webOS on it when the Touchdroid or CyanogenMod comes up with a publicly consumable and fully functional port of Android?