Chinese Android tablets are not exactly known for their dependability. Most of the time these Shenzhen-made creations are sold in Chinese and foreign markets are cheap tablets – which is exactly what they are. Don’t expect a long-lasting tablet, though. However, with some of the recent releases from Shenzhen, usually find a good enough product. The Touch S1, not to be confused with HTC’s S1 or Sony’s upcoming S1, is one example of their improving work.

Looking at it, it is obviously a bit bulkier than the current standard design. However, considering the plastic material of the chassis, it is still rather slim. The clear white color adds to the simple look that the makers were probably going for. It’s not all looks though. It’s even got some decent specs inside it. Packing a Samsung S5PV210 1.2 GHz CPU, the processing power is backed by 512MB of storage which can be upgraded to 32GB using a TF card. Measuring a decent 8 inches, it’s also got a 800×400 capacitive touchscreen. The tablet additionally supports 1080p HD video playback and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It used the Android OS – although it’s the dated Froyo than the latest Honeycomb. Of course, that’s an appropriate choice – using Honeycomb would be overkill on such a device.

All in all, it’s an interesting product and could probably do the job of being a back-up tablet or something for the kids to play with. It’s out right now and you can import it from China at the cheap price of 1180 Yuan or USD 183.

Source: Shanzai

Aerol Bibat
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