Curiosity may have sent a few breathtaking snaps from the red planet, but Arnold did that and more 20 long years ago – albeit as an actor in the original Total Recall film. If you have already tried the Android companion game made for the remake, you might be interested in playing the game that’s based on the first movie.

Total Recall – The Game – Episode 1 was recently released on Google Play. This is your chance to take on the role of Arnold’s character in the movie, Douglas Quaid. The first episode will focus on your journey through planet Mars with the objective of discovering 10 hidden secrets. Weapons are both your best friends and best chance to survive against the hordes of enemies and bosses.

The game is a 3D side-scroller with some stunning visuals. The control is pretty simple as there are only two buttons to worry about: one to jump and another to shoot. While Total Recall – The Game – Episode 1 is a solid offering from the relatively new French developer, the game could use an update to make it less sluggish. More episodes are planned in the future.

Download the game now from Google Play for $1.96. It’s what the former governor would’ve wanted you to do.