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Total Commander file management app finally available in Google Play

May 21, 2012

Initially called Windows Commander back in 1993, Christian Ghisler’s file management software, now Total Commander, has had an Android version in the works for quite some time. Back in August 2011, the app had its first rc1 (release candidate) version and, ever since then, we’ve been waiting for Total Commander to hit Android Market (now Google Play).

After so much time, it is great to finally welcome Total Commander for Android in the freemium app world, especially considering the fact that initial feedback is great. The app has been put up for download on Google Play a couple of days back, but there are already around 350 user reviews that unanimously praise Total Commander and give it a 4.9 stars average.

Total Commander is exceptional for copying, moving, deleting and backing up files, being pretty much as user-friendly as an Android app can be. The app only weighs in at 1.3 MB, but you can do so many things with it that it’s almost unbelievable this is a free of charge software package.

There are no bugs or glitches to report right now, but if you see anything wrong with the app, you should let Christian Ghisler know and he’ll surely solve any issue in a timely fashion. Also, if you’ve been using the app before, you should know that there’s no mandatory expiration anymore, so there’s practically no reason why you shouldn’t download Total Commander for Android now and take it for a quick spin.

On the other hand, there’s an announcement on that could worry you, saying that Total Commander has only been tested up to Android 3.1. That means that it might not work very smoothly on Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a bit of a letdown. However, the announcement seems to be quite old, so the app might have been tested and made to work on Android 4.0 after all.

There are currently 19 languages supported in Total Commander, which is downright impressive. If you’re still not convinced about the app’s functionality and usability, you should go down to Google Play or to and check out all the main features. Have fun and let us know if you found the app useful in the comments section below!