Earlier today, Toshiba made some announcements on the availability and price of the Toshiba AT200 10-inch tablet. According to the company, the tablet will be available for both online purchases and in stores on February 15. As for the price of the tablet, it is said that prices will start at £399.


Apart from having a 10.1-inch screen, the Toshiba AT200 also banks on its thinness (only 7.7mm). The tablet is powered by a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 1.2GHz processor. It will have 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera, micro USB port, micro HDMI, micro SD connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Tablets will be available in either 16GB or 32GB internal storage.

As for its software, the tablet will be shipped with Adobe Flash 10.3 and Android Honeycomb 3.2. But on the information that the tablet will be upgradable to ICS, Toshiba still has to confirm it.


The Toshiba AT200 10-inch tablet is available at £399 for 16GB model and £449 for 32GB.