Tegra 4

In the past we’ve heard talk about Toshiba being one of the first companies to adopt the upcoming Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. Now it looks there might be proof to back that claim up.

The Toshiba AT15 and AT10-A-A REGZA have now made appearances on the Wi-Fi Association and Bluetooth Special Interest Group, supposedly equipped with Tegra 4 processors.¬†Outside of the names, what do we know? Not a whole lot. Apparently this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the AT10, though.

Not too long ago, a 1.8GHz Toshiba AT-10LE-A showed up through benchmarking app AnTuTu, scoring a 28,058. This puts the Toshiba tablet about on par with the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Exynos chip benchmarks. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know, though it is probably a safe bet to say that this is a 10-inch tablet.

More than likely, we will know more either at Computex this June, or perhaps at IFA later in the fall. With a score around 28,058, the Nvidia 4-packing Toshiba A10 series will clearly offer quite a bit of power under the hood, but will it be enough to compete with alternatives out there running next-gen processors from Qualcomm or even Samsung’s Exynos?

Andrew Grush
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