Android users who are fans of the the television show Top Gear may want to check out a new game. It’s called Top Gear Stunt School Revolution and it is now available in the Google Play Store.

This racing game puts players behind the wheel of exotic cars and sends them careening down roads all over the world, completing challenges and pulling off stunts. Here are some of the features:

  • Endless vehicle customisations to tweak your car performance to any scenario
  • A fantastically responsive, intuitive driving experience
  • Fantastic iconic locations from around the world – Grand Canyon, Alcatraz, Sydney Harbour, New York, Moscow, London and China
  • Challenge your friends to beat your high scores on each stunt and tell everyone about it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Additional in-app purchases are available for extra Gold Nuts, Permits and Stig Dollars if you can’t wait.

The game is available for devices running Android 2.1 and up, in both a free version and a $0.99 Pro version which unlocks all stunts. Hit the source links below the article to check the game out for yourself.

Are you planning to buy Top Gear Stunt School Revolution? Have you tried it already? What do you think of it?

Kristofer Wouk
Kristofer Wouk is a tech writer, gadget reviewer, blogger, and whatever it's called when someone makes videos. In his free time, he likes to make music, read and write short fiction.