Collaborative software has been around for quite some time. It used to be called groupware to underline the main function of enabling multiple users to interact online. Now that Internet connectivity and mobile devices are so widespread, forming virtual teams that can practically work together from anywhere in real time is fast becoming a standard practice among enterprises and other organizations.

Outlined below are five applications for the Android platform that can turn your smart phone or tablet computer into an effective tool for collaboration.

Soonr Workplace

This is a cloud service that can provide you with a virtual space to work with the rest of your team and an online storage space for backing up your pertinent desktop files. It’s project collaboration and document management rolled into one.

With the mobile version of the application you can access your Soonr account through your Android device. Its notable feature is the ability to access ‘Favorite’ files even when connection signals are down. With the program’s integrated editor for Android tablets, you can continue working on the files, and then when the connection returns, the files are automatically synced.

Fuze Meeting

Video conferencing is a staple of online collaboration. With this cloud-based app it is now convenient to set up a multi-party video conference right on your Android smart phone or tablet (that should preferably have a front-facing camera with HD support). The application also enables you to upload, share and remotely control files such as documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and images. There’s even a provision for unregistered users to join a meeting by simply clicking on a link sent via email.

Citrix Receiver

Some companies now use cloud computing providers like Citrix to host their needed applications so that these programs are used as on-demand services. The Receiver is the mobile app offering.

Installed on your Android device, you can then access your Windows desktop and applications and also securely store data in the cloud rather than in your smart phone or tablet. Take note that even if your organization doesn’t use Citrix, you can still use the app and take advantage of the virtual workspace they provide.


The various the social media platforms are quite convenient communication and sharing tools that virtual teams often utilize. With this Android app, you can then centralize management of these tools. Seesmic enables you to simultaneously access and update different social network accounts, and search and receive your notifications. This app supports Facebook, Twitter, Salesforec Chatter, and Google Buzz as well as video and image sharing sites like Plixi or TwitPic.


The app is from Salesforce and it uses a social media model for facilitating collaboration. You and your team can set up a private social network through the Android app. This can then function as a sort of internal Facebook for your organization. You can look up your co-workers, create posts, view updates, share documents and images, and basically do most of the basic social networking activities but in the context of work.

Via TMCnet