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The Best Android Strategy Games

July 21, 2011

Slicing fruit, throwing birds and doodling around aren’t the type of games that interest you. What you need is a thinking man’s game, one that pits you against worthy foes that will decimate you with one wrong move.

If you think that good strategy games are limited to bulky computers, think again. Here are a few strategy games that should help you flex your brain cells.

NOTE: Not all games featured are from the Android Market. Some come from AppBrain and Amazon Appstore. Also, some might not support older Android models so check if yours is on their list.



1. Battle for Mars (lite, $4.99 to buy)

Advanced Wars being a Nintendo exclusive, many devs have sought to replicate this great game into other platforms. Here’s the version for Android featuring Earthlings versus Martians.



2. Crusaders (UK£2.47)

Touting itself as a “proper” RTS, this is kind of like a historical Warcraft with knights fighting in the hot sands or the Near East.



3. Defend Homeland (demo, UK£0.59 to buy)

A classic RTS with tanks and infantries. Remember to buy oil trucks to keep your money flowing!



4. European War ($2.99)

This is a Risk-type game set during the 18th and 19th centuries. Conquer your enemies with musketeers, cavalry and cannons.



5. Everlands HD (lite, UK£1.49 to buy, HD version here)

Don’t let the cartoony animals fool you; this is a full-on turn-based strategy game. Each animal has a different attack so make sure you can defeat all of your opponent’s minions before he devours yours.



6. Fieldrunners HD ($2.99)

The hit iOS tower defense game is now in Android. Prevent the fieldrunners from crossing by using an array of different towers.



7. Galcon ($1.99)

Real time planetary conquest is what this game’s about. Eliminate the enemy by sending ships to invade his planets while protecting your own.



8. Highborn ($0.99)

If a fantasy turn-based strategy game is more your style, this one should suit you perfectly. It’s like Heroes of Might and Magic, if its characters were snarky and self-referential.



9. Guns n’ Glory (free, €0.99 to buy)

It’s a tower defense game set it the Wild West! You play the bad guys though and lie and wait to shoot at stagecoaches and gold trains.



10. Military Madness (¥450)

It’s the granddaddy of Advanced Wars, seeing that it came out for the NEC TurboGrafx-16 all those years ago. Plays very much the same way though the AI is a bit defensive.



11. Robo Defense (free, $2.99 to buy)

Tower defense at it’s finest. This is the one TD game you should buy. Let your robots obliterate enemy forces with no mercy.



12. Steambirds (demo, $1.99 to buy)

It’s like a line tracing game but this time you shoot planes and other aircraft. It’s turn-based so no hectic drawing. Use your planes’ special abilities to ground everything from bombers to dirigibles.



13. Starfront: Collision ($4.99)

An adaptation of that oh-so-familiar strategy game. You know, that space RTS that everyone plays until this day. Build up your army with one of three factions and bring your opponent down on its knees with your superior strategy.




14. Townsmen 6 (free, €0.99 to buy)

Viva la revolution! This town building game lets you face off against the king and fight his rule, whether it truly is oppressive or not. Maybe you can even become king yourself.


15. Uniwar ($4.99)

If Advanced Wars and Starcraft had babies, this would be it. The AI is not much but it has multiplayer so you can fight anyone anywhere, even those using the other OS.