This week in the world of Android: BBM finally rolled out, the new iPads landed to tough Android competition, news broke about Samsung’s clampdown on unofficial accessories, G Flex leaked on television, Samsung revealed Galaxy S4 sales, three big name Android games launched, and we made it through another wave of KitKat rumors.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few phrases. It’s must read Android.

BBM for Android. Finally

bbm android

People still care about at least one of BlackBerry’s products – BBM. After a long delay, the messaging service finally launched on Android this week, causing quite the commotion.

New iPads vs Android


Like it or not, everyone keeps tabs on Apple’s moves, and that’s especially true in the tablet business. We compared the new iPad mini and iPad Air to the best Android tablets, looking for an answer to the question: is the iPad still the tablet to beat?

Samsung’s accessory scheme

samsung galaxy note 3 cover accessories aa 8

As if Samsung needed another PR mess on its hands, users are up in arms after a report revealed the Korean giant is going to equip accessories with ID chips, in order to limit the sales of unofficial products.

LG G Flex leaks on morning news


One place where you don’t expect to see an unannounced device show up is on an Argentinian news program, yet that’s precisely what happened to the LG G Flex on Wednesday.

40 million Galaxy S4

moto x vs galaxy s4 aa design galaxy s4

Rumors of a slowdown in Galaxy S4 sales have been swirling for a while now, and Samsung announcement that it sold 40 million Galaxy S4 units so far is not going to quench them.

The obligatory Nexus 5/KitKat rumors

Nexus 5 press image

This close to the release of Android 4.4 and the new Nexus, we absolutely had to have a couple of juicy rumors in our roundup. This week didn’t disappoint.

Android gamers rejoice


Normally we don’t have game launches in Android Weekly, but this week we had not one, but three high-profile game launches for all of you mobile gamers: Dead Trigger 2, Plants vs Zombies 2, and Call of Duty: Strike Team.

What’s the biggest story in Android this week? Tell us in the comments.

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