This week in the world of Android: Omni ROM launched as an alternative to CyanogenMod, the LG G Flex broke cover, the HTC One Max finally launched, rumors emerged about Amazon partnering with HTC for a smartphone, and the Nexus 5 leaked in all its glory.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few phrases. It’s must read Android.

New Omni ROM

After CyanogenMod went commercial, several prominent developers banded together to create a new custom ROM called Omni, that is all about “innovation, new features, transparency, community, and freedom”.


G Flex, the truly curved smartphone


The Galaxy Round lacks the wow factor, but LG has its own curved screen smartphone in the pipeline. Press shots of the G Flex leaked this week, revealing a radical design.

Finally, the Nexus 5

Nexus 5 press image

After many questionable rumors and blurry pics, Google itself gave us a rock solid leak: a press shot, the confirmation of the Nexus 5 name, and the price tag of the 16GB version. The only question remaining: when will the new Nexus launch?

HTC One Max is here


The rumors were spot on: HTC launched this week the One Max, a massive variant of the flagship One, featuring a fingerprint scanner and an expansive 5.9-inch display.

Amazon & HTC. Wait, what?

amazon logo 4 [aa] Hopetts/Flickr

Two solid reports surfaced this week about a smartphone partnership between Amazon and HTC. Is HTC playing with fire here?

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Bogdan Petrovan
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