Sony Xperia XZ Review-3

This week we reviewed the Sony Xperia XZ, talked about the discontinued Galaxy Note 7, and got out first glimpse at the Android 7.1 Developer Preview. Here’s the news of the week!

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The new Google Pixel might be one of the best Android phones of the year. Here’s your chance to win one!

10 Android stories we handpicked for you

Returning your Galaxy Note 7? Here are some other great Android phones worth checking out If you’ve just returned your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and are now in the market for a new phone, fear not – here are the best Galaxy Note 7 alternatives.

Sony Xperia XZ review Sony’s latest flagship has a lot to offer, but can it stand strong against difficult competition? We find out, in this in-depth Sony Xperia XZ review!

Flirting with the iPhone 7: why I just couldn’t do it While on holidays for a few weeks, our own Kris Carlon flirted with the iPhone 7. Hard. But by the time he got home he had already fallen back in love with Android. Here’s why.

Samsung permanently discontinues the Galaxy Note 7, $17 billion in sales lost We new it would happen eventually, but the day is finally here – Samsung has permanently discontinued the Galaxy Note 7. For more information, head to our Note 7 recall page for the details.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead: What’s next? Samsung has finally discontinued its exploding smartphone, but is this really the end of the Galaxy Note 7?

Google announces Android 7.1 Developer Preview Google has just announced that Android 7.1 Nougat will arrive as a developer preview sometime before the end of October.

How to build your own custom Android ROM Since all the source code is available for Android you can build your own personalized firmware. Read on to find out how to build your own Android ROM.

It’s official: Cyanogen is moving to ‘modular’ Cyanogen has formally announced their new approach to the Android platform under the new leadership of Lior Tal.

What caused the great Galaxy Note 7 defect? Here are the leading theories Various experts and industry reports offer conflicting accounts of what caused the Galaxy Note 7 defect and fires. Here’s a breakdown of the most likely culprits.

Nubia Z11 review Does the latest Nubia flagship bring enough to the table to stand out from the crowd? We find out, in this comprehensive Nubia Z11 review!

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