This week in your world of Android, KitKat rolled out to Nexus devices, while Samsung had problems with Jelly Bean, the incredibly cheap Moto G landed, Google Search got smarter, we heard news from the CyanogenMod team, and the Apple vs Samsung retrial kicked off.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few phrases. It’s must read Android.

KitKat rolling out

Android 4.4 Kitkat easter egg logo screenshot - aa

It took a little, but Google kicked off Nexus updates this week, with the Wi-Fi versions of the Nexus 7 (both generations) and the Nexus 10 leading the way. If you’re still waiting for the OTA, check out our manual installation guide.

Moto G: best bang for the buck

Motorola Moto G press 18

It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen – a quality device for a truly affordable price. The Moto G launched this week, and we have to say it, we’ve never been so excited over a budget phone. Check out the specs and how the G compares to competitors.

Google Search will talk back to you, but in a good way

Google Nexus 5 black aa 11

Google Search got updated this week, receiving a nice bump to its voice actions capabilities. Tell your phone to send a message, and it will now ask to whom you want to send it. Neat!

CyanogenMod installer is live, how about a new phone?

cyanogen team

Installing CyanogenMod can be difficult, but the new CyanogenMod Installer app, now in the Play Store, promises to make it less of a pain. Also, we’ve heard rumors of a CyanogenMod phone coming soon, that will be priced very competitively. Color us interested!

Apple vs Samsung: here we go again

Guilty verdict Shutterstock

Apple and Samsung meet again to tussle over who copied whom, with hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. The partial retrial of last year’s $1 billion suit kicked off this week. Don’t you just love legal drama?

Android 4.3 update hits a snag

samsung galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3 s3 standing aa

What should have been a reason of celebration for Galaxy S3 users turned into disappointment, after news broke that the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 bogs down the phone and reduces battery live.

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