This week in your world of Android: the new HTC One leaked some more, OnePlus teased its own One, new feature and design tweaks came to several Google apps, Samsung’s CEO denied the existence of a premium Galaxy S5, Intel’s Windows-Android plans went bust, and more specs of the LG smartwatch leaked.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few words. It’s Android Weekly.

New HTC One leaks are getting ridiculous

htc one verizon dummy (2)

If any more details about the new HTC One emerge over the next ten days, there won’t be anything new for HTC to show on stage on March 25. This week, we finally learned what that secondary camera on the back of the phone does, as well as more details on the M8’s specs and software features.

All aboard the OnePlus hype train

OnePlus press (2)

What the OnePlus marketing team is doing right now is either very smart or very stupid. Drip feeding the internet one detail of the OnePlus One at a time builds up the hype, but if the real product isn’t worth the hype, the backlash will be vicious.

Google’s dog food screw up

Google Play Store update (1)

“Dogfooding” is the practice of testing out new releases internally before pushing them out of the public. You know, as in eating your own dog food. This week Google accidentally pushed a “dog food” version of YouTube (complete with an adorable bone icon) to the public. Hilarity ensued. Oh, and we had a bunch of good updates to other apps as well.

No premium Galaxy S5 for you!

samsung galaxy s5 aa blue logo 3

Despite persistent rumors that claimed otherwise, we didn’t get the premium version of the Galaxy S5 we’ve been expecting. And if Samsung CEO JK Shin’s word can be trusted, we won’t ever get it. Then again, admitting a better version is coming would not be that good for Galaxy S5 sales, would it?

Google, Microsoft join forces to crush Intel’s dream

WIndows vs Android Windows 8 Android Logo Brand -1

Intel wanted to make Android and Windows play nice on tablets and laptops, but Google and Microsoft were not that pleased with the idea. The project is as good as dead, report says.

LG/Google smartwatch specs

Best Android Accessory LG Lifeband CES 2014 Android Authority-6

Some of the essential specifications of the smartwatch that LG is making for Google have leaked, courtesy of @evleaks. The specs are not groundbreaking, but again, great user experience doesn’t require cutting-edge specs.

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