This week in your world of Android: the LG G3 landed in style, more rumors about HTC’s M8 Ace and M8 Prime emerged, Samsung introduced its Simband, Google released updates for Maps, Camera, and Android Device Manager, we saw the first hands-on video of Android Wear, and we learned more details about Android TV.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few words. It’s Android Weekly.

All hail the LG G3

lg g3 hands on (2 of 31)

LG announced the G3 this week, and the first reactions are very positive. Coming with a Quad HD screen, a laser guided focusing system, and an eye-catching design, the G3 is a serious contender to the best device of the year.

M8 Ace is imminent


HTC’s is preparing to unveil a plastic version of the great One (M8) and all signs point to an imminent release. Packing similar specifications with the M8 and a colorful plastic body, this device will hopefully be priced attractively.

Samsung’s Simband


Samsung already makes smartwatches and wearable fitness trackers, and it even plans a Glass-like head-mounted device. But that won’t stop the Korean giant from testing the waters with Simband, a device that’s specifically meant for monitoring your health.

Android Wear caught on camera


Dying to see Android Wear in action? So far we only saw concept videos and a few screenshots, but this week we got an actual hands-on video with an Android Wear-running LG G Watch. Check it out.

Goodbye, HTC Prime. Hello Plus and Advance


You know that rumored Quad HD HTC Prime? The bad news is that the device was reportedly cancelled. The good news is that two other similar devices emerged this week, the M8 Plus and the M8 Advance.

Google apps updates

google maps 8.1 terrain view

No week is a good week without a few goodies from our favorite technology company. Among others, Google this week updated Android Device Manager with a guest mode, tweaked the aspect ratio options of its Camera app, and brought back the Terrain view mode to Maps.

Android TV at Google I/O

Android TV

Image courtesy of The Verge

Google I/O is just a few weeks away, meaning that pretty soon we’ll learn more about Google’s plans for the rest of the year. One highlight of the conference will be Android TV, and this week, a few more details about the new platform emerged.

What was the biggest Android news this week?

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