This week in your world of Android: Nokia administered HTC another patent blow, we’ve heard more Galaxy S5 rumors, the CES announcements began to roll in, Google and Audi were rumored to put Android in the car, the Moto X received a permanent price cut, the makers of the highly praised Timely app joined Google, and the CyanogenMod 11 M2 release went out to over 65 devices.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few words. It’s must read Android.

HTC can’t catch a break

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Nokia is pummeling HTC in the courts, and this week the Finns scored another win against the embattled Taiwanese. HTC won’t be able to sell the One family in Germany, following a similar verdict in the UK, and prefiguring a much bigger blow in the US. It’s good that the One’s successor is right around the corner.

Not a week without some Galaxy S5 rumors


Samsung is still the number one Android maker, and its number one flagship is the Galaxy S5. With increasingly credible reports pegging its launch for late February, it’s no wonder that the rumors and so-called leaks just keep on coming. The latest batch concerns the fabled metal body of the Galaxy F and its eventual release date.

(Pre) CES announcement flood


Every major show, companies try to steal the start with early announcements – this year, Archos, Lenovo, Acer, and ZTE have all sent out press releases for their – more or less – exciting new products. We’ll see them at their CES booths, but what else will be there? We can’t wait to find out!

Google + Audi = love

audi infotainment

This one’s still a rumor, but we’re pretty sure it will turn official come next week. Google is said to be working with Audi and other companies to put Android into cars. The goal is to bring the full Android experience to dashboards everywhere.

Moto X just became an even sweeter deal

Moto X

After the hype-machine went in overdrive last summer, many were left disappointed when the Moto X launched with a full flagship price. Slowly though, Motorola has been shaving dollars off the Moto X’s price tag, and you can now have it for an attractive $400 unlocked.

Google liked Timely too

timely screenshot

When Timely launched, design lovers praised developer Bitspin for making a superb, yet completely functional alarm clock. It seems that folks at Google were impressed as well, because the Swiss startup announced it’s joining Google in what seems to be an acquihire. More talented designers and developers working at Google? We can only applaud it.

CyanogenMod M2 hits dozens of devices

cyanogenmod nexus 5 boot screen aa 1

For many users, CyanogenMod nightlies are off limits, so the first releases they can try out as daily drivers are the monthly snapshots. This week, the CM team put out the CM11 (KitKat-based) M2 monthly release for no fewer than 65 devices, and, unsurprisingly, people are all over them. Join in the fun from the link below.

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