This week in your world of Android: the HTC M8 leaked, Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5 launch date, Google released the Chromecast SDK, details about the G2 Pro leaked, the red Nexus 5 launched, the rumored HTC Nexus made the rounds, and Google updated several of its top apps.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few words. It’s must read Android.

Leaky HTC M8

blinkfeed htc m8

Several leaks this week completed the picture of the hotly anticipated HTC M8. From a possible launch window in late March, to an alleged shot of the exterior, and the first screenshot of its user interface, the One’s successor was in the spotlight.

Unpacking the Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy s5 unpacked

Samsung put an end to speculation about the Galaxy S5’s launch date when it announced it will hold an Unpacked event on February 24, the first day of MWC Barcelona. Specs are still not certain, but knowing Samsung, the S5 will be a beast.

Chromecast gold rush

chromecast angle aa

Google is finally opening up its Chromecast SDK, meaning all developers will be able to easily connect their apps to the popular streaming stick, no hacks required. Koushik Dutta’s AllCast leads the way.

G2 Pro will pack OIS Plus

Leaked photo of LG G Pro 2

Plain optical image stabilization is so last year, at least for LG, who will reportedly equip the upcoming G2 Pro with electrical assisted OIS Plus technology. And it doesn’t stop there: 4K video and HD slow motion are also on the menu.

A very bright red Nexus 5


The leaks were accurate: Google release the Bright Red version of the Nexus 5 this week, and we have to say it’s a real head turner. It could make a nice Valentine’s gift this year, don’t you think?

Google’s Update Wednesday

sochi olympics game google now

Google likes to roll out updates to its apps on Wednesday, and this week we got a nice combo of new features and bug fixes for apps like Search, the default Nexus 5 launcher, Maps, Drive and more.

A Nexus HTC tablet?

HTC Desire X logo aa 2 1600

Saving the juiciest story for last, this week we heard that HTC won a bid to make an upcoming high-end Nexus tablet. Needless to say, the perspective of a One-quality Nexus tablet got us very excited.

What’s the biggest story in Android this week? Tell us in the comments.

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