This week in your world of Android: rumors of Samsung’s new Note Pro tablet surfaced, Google fought back against Rockstar, news broke of LG’s upcoming wearable devices, Oppo launched the CyanogenMod-running N1, and two big custom ROMs hit KitKat milestones.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few words. It’s must read Android.

Note Pro coming

Galaxy Note Pro

Samsung is preparing to expand its Note lineup with its largest tablet yet, the 12.2-inch Note Pro. An alleged image of the device showed up online this week, along with a report detailing its probable specifications.

Google strikes back

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Google moved to protect its partners and its own Nexus line from legal attacks by Rockstar, the shell company backed, among others, by Apple and Microsoft. Rockstar recently sued Google and most of the biggest Android OEMs for infringing patents that it acquired from Nortel in a high-stakes auction back in 2012.

LG wearables in the pipeline

LG Logo

LG is rumored to have two wearable devices ready for primetime, with a debut expected during the Mobile World Congress in late February. G Health is reportedly LG’s take on a fitness tracking device, while G Arch may be the company’s latest smartwatch. In addition, LG is also rumored to be hard at work on the next generation of the G series.

The CyanogenMod phone is here


It’s finally on sale – on December 24, Oppo launched a version of its massive N1 flagship running CyanogenMod out of the box. The first CM device that’s sanctioned by Google is priced at $599. For that price, you get great specs, some unique features, and the best Cyanogen experience.

AOKP and Paranoid Android KitKat news


Just in time for the holidays, two of the most popular Android custom ROMs have brought KitKat fans some good news. The AOKP released the first Android 4.4.2-based nightlies for several devices, while Paranoid Android published the initial release of AOSPA4+ ROM.

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