AI Camera setting on P20 Pro for food

AI is coming to our cameras, and we decided to take a look for ourselves and see how it is helping. We took the Huawei P20 Pro, the LG V30S, and the Google Pixel 2 and pitted them against each other, and their respective AIs to see how they measured up.

Not only will we see a folding phone coming from Samsung, but we should be seeing it this year, according to the latest information we have. It comes from the CEO of Samsung, so we think it’s a pretty reliable source. We also took a look at some of the concepts Samsung has created, both in video and in the real world. Which of these will be the form factor we see this fall? We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out!

Finally, we have a ton of news related to Google Chrome’s birthday update, Google’s take on URLs, and OnePlus might be taking the next step by opening a physical store. Add to that our best of IFA 2018 awards, some phone reviews, some phone leaks, and you have yourself a pretty busy week in the world of Android. Check it out below!

Here are your top stories for the week

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02:00 – Does AI matter in the camera? LG V30S vs Huawei P20 Pro vs Google Pixel 2

Editor Robert Triggs takes us through AI photo enhancement in three notable flagship phones. Does scene recognition and AI help?

07:25 – What we know so far about Samsung’s foldable phone

We are about to explore a new frontier of foldable phones and Samsung is leading the charge. Here’s what we know so far.

Samsung CEO: First foldable phone could be unveiled in November

Not only will Samsung be releasing foldable phones, it might be doing so this year, according to its CEO. Find out more here!

15:45 – Chrome celebrates 10 years with great new features in version 69, out now

Google has a few neat features coming out in Chrome 69. Chrome is already the world’s most popular browser, and it just got better!

Google Chrome director: “Everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck.”

Google is looking to redefine how we browse the web in general. The URL is one of the original parts on the internet, and Google wants to change how they work.

31:00 – Open Beta 1 for the OnePlus 6 brings Android 9.0 Pie

OnePlus 6

OnePlus is already rolling out a beta for Android Pie and that’s pretty awesome for fans of the flagship killers.

EMUI 9 beta: Huawei and Honor users can now sign up to test Android Pie

Two more OEMs (well, one and a sub brand, anyway) are rolling out Android Pie betas. It’s a Pie fest!

34:30 – OnePlus could open a retail store in France this year

OnePlus is taking the next step by opening a physical store in France, something only a handful of other OEMs have done.

Meanwhile, here are some stories we couldn’t cover on the podcast

Best of IFA 2018: Android Authority’s favorite products from the show

Best of IFA

IFA is over, and we’ve rounded up the best tech that we saw while were were there. 

Nokia 6.1 Plus review: The one that just works

The Nokia 6.1 is a solid midrange entry bearing the Android One operating system. 

LG V40 specs leaked, launching early October

Android Authority got an exclusive peek at the specifications of LG’s next upcoming flagship. And now you can too!

Need more speed? Your next Samsung flagship could have 5G

5G is coming, and Samsung might be jumping on board that 5G train.

Who wants to win a Galaxy S9?

This week, we’re giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9. Enter this week’s Sunday giveaway for your chance to win!

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