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This week Samsung finally revealed the latest Galaxy Note devices, this time introducing an even larger 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus model. Both devices have some impressive specs and new Superfast charge tech, but neither has a headphone jack. Those of us you with a long enough memory might remember that Samsung made fun of Apple for doing the same thing in a series of commercials, but those have now been scrubbed from Samsung’s official channels.

Huawei also made the news this week with the announcement of HarmonyOS and an early look at EMUI 10. Although many speculated that HarmonyOS would be an Android replacement, it’s actually an open-source platform for internet of things devices (for now, at least). The first device to launch with HarmonyOS is the Honor Vision, a 55-inch 4K television with a pop-up camera to make video calls.

It wasn’t all good news for Huawei, as President Trump announced that the licensing system lifeline given back in May would be cut off, returning to the same uncertain situation we were in a few months ago. Only time will tell whether or not Huawei and the United States will resume business as usual any time in the near future.

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