Digital Inspiration top downloaded Android apps

Digital Inspiration has extracted data from the Play Store to find the most downloaded apps, as well as which have the most reviews. The data, which can show both a heavy Google lean and which services are independently popular, is pretty interesting for consumers.

Of the most downloaded apps — those which are on 500 million to one billion devices — only Facebook cracks the top five, and it comes in behind four Google services. The top four — Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Services, and Maps — are a bit misleading in regard to “downloads”. Those apps come pre loaded on Android devices, and no OEM has effective competing services with which to replace them.

Google Play Services should arguably be left off the list, as it’s really a conduit for Google to update the Play Store, and could break some apps if removed from a device.

The second tier of app downloads — 100 million to 500 million — are when things start getting interesting. At the top of that list is Go Launcher, which leads us to concede it is the most popular launcher available. Some, like Street View for Maps, are simply add-ons for other apps. Twitter checks in at the number two spot, with messaging app Viber coming in third. Popular messenger WhatsApp is number 11 on the list, behind both Viber and Facebook Messenger, which is fourth on the list.

The full list is worth checking out, if you’re a stats junkie like me. The top game? Subway Surfers. Didn’t see that coming.