Christmas is just around the corner and as the holidays approach, a lot of shoppers are already thinking about the perfect gift to give to their loved ones. In the process, budget will always be a deciding factor when it comes to Christmas shopping.

If you are making a Christmas list, why not consider buying Tablet PCs to your loved ones for the holidays? Such devices are the perfect gift for people who have hectic schedules and who are always on the go, since they need a mobile device with them so that they no longer have to bring out their pen and paper whenever an idea comes rushing in. Strongly considering the idea?

Below are the top 5 tablets for Christmas holiday gifts to give your loved ones, boss and even colleagues.

Asus Transformer Prime


Asus has already confirmed the date of release of the Asus Transformer Prime EeePad. Tablet lovers would be delighted to know that the device will be available in December, before the Holidays. Planning to give your love one an Android tablet for this Christmas? Then start saving up for the Asus Transformer Prime. It features NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 CPU, a quad core processor, which makes the device the fastest one available on the market. You can buy the 32GB Asus Transformer for 399USD, while the 64GB will be available for 499USD. Since it has an 8MP camera, a 10.1 inch 1280×800 pixel display, a microSD card slot, and a 1.2 MP front camera, every single dollar spent is worth it. If you have the extra money to spend, throw in another 149USD to get the keyboard dock accessory.

Apple iPad2 Apple iPad2 is one of the devices on the top of the Christmas wishlist this year, edging out gadgets such as the new Amazon Kindle. In Britain, over one third of the consumer population who answered a shopping website preferred having an iPad 2 in their Christmas stocking this year. However, the tight budget that we all have can lead to a big let-down when it comes to opening our Christmas presents. (Yes, we put an Apple device in an Android blog. We have to admit that it’s still a great gift, nonetheless – Ed)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

If you want a light weight yet powerful tablet for this Christmas, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V is your option. Its touchscreen display is a whopping 10-inches, and its 1GHz processor and Android 3.0 OS will give you the complete and powerful Android experience. Having the tab as your own will make it easier for you to access websites, play games and even watch videos because of its Adobe Flash Player 10.1 support capability. The tablet has a 3MP rear camera, and a front camera of 1.3MP, making it ideal for video conferencing.

Amazon Kindle Fire

If there is an affordable tablet that is worth every cent you spend, it would be the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire. Since it is only 199USD, it would be the perfect Christmas gift to anyone who wants to bring their collection of digital audio and magazine collections with them anywhere. Get it connected with, and get free cloud storage for all his or her downloads. It has a fast and powerful dual core processor, plus its vibrant color and responsive touchscreen is almost the same as that of the iPad. So if you are looking for an affordable tablet to give to your love one this Holidays, the Amazon Kindle Fire is the answer.

Nook Color

The competition for cheap Android tablets is becoming steeper and steeper by the minute, and the release of the Nook Color could have made it even harder for other companies to earn profits. At only 149USD, the Nook Color could be one of the best presents to receive this Christmas. It has a 7″ touchscreen and it has enough storage space to download over 2.5 million books, interactive children’s books, and magazines. Apps such as Angry Birds and other music services are also available for the device. Aside from being the perfect reading tablet which you can always bring on the go, you can also send emails and setup video conference calls with the Nook Color.