Top 5 Root Apps 2012

If You are one of the freedom lovers who have rooted their Android phone or tablet, then you’ll love this little top 5 list fresh for 2012 where we take a l0ok at some of the must have apps for those who pack a rootified Android device in their pockets.

5. Wireless Tether

If your have a rooted phone with 4G connectivity one of the best apps to have at your disposal is Wireless Tether. It makes your phone a mobile hot spot for all of your mobile needs maybe use it for a WiFi only tablet or possibly a laptop. The best thing about this app is it has adds no additional cost to your bill. Truly a must have for rooted android users.

4. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is one of those apps that just about anyone flashing ROMs must have. It helps you create back-ups of current ROMs and it helps you flash new ones. Another neat feature that comes packed with ROM Manager is the “Fix permissions” option if you’re experiencing the dreaded “force close” prompt while using a new ROM the “Fix permissions” feature usually does the job at getting rid of that problem. This is an app that won’t go away any time soon.

3. Screenshot it

There’s many of you out there that are envious of iPhone users being capable of taking shots of there device’s screen. Well be envious no more! With Screenshot it all rooted Android users can snap and share screen shots of there device. It will cost you a price of $3.99 but that’s not to high of a price to pay for a pretty nifty feature that is very useful.

2. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is by far a must have app for rooted Android users! This app will save all of your data for each app you have on your phone. So now when you switch ROMs you don’t have to deal with starting all over on Angry Birds for example everything is saved and restored for you. This is an app that any ROM enthusiast has to have in their collection of applications.

1. ROM Toolbox

This is the must fun app to have that I included in this list which is why it’s my number one. I love the customization that this app offers. With this application you can customize the font, the font size, boot animation, battery icon, and themes (only with certain ROM’s). You can also adjust the CPU settings in this app to make your phone a power hungry speedy beast or a slow conservative with amazing battery life. There’s so much you can do with this app it’s defiantly something everyone with a rooted phone should have!

Check out the full in-depth Video below.

Vinny Marino
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