The Android ecosystem has its fair share of navigation system apps, with Google’s home brewed offering doing a mighty fine job already. However, it certainly won’t hurt to have TomTom finally jumping onboard. After a not so subtle hint two months ago, TomTom for Android is ready to direct you to your destination and stop you from getting lost — and it’s coming pretty soon.

The Android version of TomTom, which will be showcased at IFA event, is bringing along many features that one expect to see from TomTom, such as on-board maps with new map interface, updated routes, traffic redirection, intelligent routing, advanced lane guidance, spoken street names, 2D/3D driving view, and even speed camera alerts.

Optimistic about the October launch of TomTom on the platform that it has seemingly forsaken in the last couple of years, TomTom managing director Corinne Vigreux said that bringing TomTom navigation app to Android smartphone is a significant milestone for the company.

While many features on the app can be used for no extra cost, users will have to cough up more dough for the use of HD traffic and speed camera alerts through in-app purchasing.

There’s no word yet on how much TomTom will cost, but we should be hearing more details  as we near the release date. In the meantime, how excited are you about TomTom finally finding its way to Android?

Bams Sadewo
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