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Todoist Karma comes to mobile in the latest Todoist update

In their latest update, Todoist is bringing their Todoist Karma to Android so everyone can see how productive they are no matter where they are.
October 9, 2014
Todoist is one of the best to-do list apps on Android. In fact, we’ve had it featured on our best productivity apps list and our best free Android apps list. Today they have announced an update that will bring Todoist Karma to mobile.

For those who may not know, Todoist Karma is an algorithm built into the service that grades you based on your productivity. As you add more tasks and complete more tasks, the score goes up. You also accumulate more points by doing things like setting recurring tasks and using labels. The idea behind it is to create a visual and numerical representation of how productive you actually are. Along with the numbers comes graphs that pretty much shows the same info presented in a different fashion.

todoist karma
Alongside the update to mobile comes a Todoist Karma update across the whole platform. New levels are being introduced which increases the upper level from 10,000 to 50,000 and adds such levels as Grandmaster and Professional. Is it totally functional? No, but it’s nice to make a game out of getting things done because it helps one stay motivated.

The update will be rolling out starting today so keep an eye out if you’re a Todoist user. If you want more details on the update and the new Todoist Karma features, check out the press release below! If you’ve never used it and you want to give it a shot, you can pick up Todoist in the Google Play Store by clicking here.


Achieve your goals anywhere, on any device with the brand new Todoist Karma

Todoist’s popular Karma feature, which gamifies users’ productivity, lands on mobile devices with new levels and social integrations. The company is also releasing a Daily and Weekly goal setting component.

October 9, 2014– Today Todoist, the top-ranked to-do list app used by three million people, announces the release of Todoist Karma for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Todoist Karma, one of Todoist’s most differentiating and popular features, assigns a numerical score to users’ task management abilities and provides colorful graphs that visually display personal productivity trends.

With this new update, users will be able to view their Todoist Karma productivity graphs and Karma score no matter where they are. The productivity graphs show visualizations of tasks completed in the last two weeks, the last month or six months and can be segmented by project or label. Users can also see a weeklong graph showing the days of the week on which they are most productive.

New Todoist Karma levels are also being released in this update and the point-generating algorithm has thus been modified for these new levels. Users accumulate “positive Karma” when they regularly add and complete tasks on time and when they use advanced features such as labels, recurring deadlines, and reminders. Todoist Karma will decrease when the user has tasks that are two or more days overdue. The updated Todoist Karma levels include:

•Beginner: 0–499; Novice: 500–2499; Intermediate: 2,500–4,999; Professional: 5,000–7,499; Expert: 7,500–9,999; Master: 10,000–19,999; Grandmaster: 20,000–49,999; and Enlightened: 50,000 and above.

Each time a Todoist user unlocks a new Karma level, they will receive a notification that will allow them to share their achievement across Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+. This new social networking integration will be available on all of Todoist’s 13 platforms. Incidentally, Todoist Karma is already something that users have been very keen to share socially (see our Productivity Power Twitter collection).

As part of this new Todoist Karma update, users will now be able to set goals regarding the number of tasks they want to complete either daily or weekly– users who reach these self-set goals will get bonus Karma. Todoist will also track how many days/weeks users have attained their goals, and achieving ongoing “streaks” will similarly result in positive Karma.

“Achieving your aspirations has never been easier. We’re thrilled to bring Todoist Karma– a feature that has set us apart from our competitors– to all of our 13 platforms so that users can set goals and track their productivity no matter their location or device,” says Amir Salihefendic, the founder and CEO of Todoist.

About Todoist

One of the first available task-management softwares on the market, Todoist– launched in 2007– is a powerful task manager for personal and group productivity that lets users manage tasks from their email inbox, web browser, desktop, or mobile device. Todoist is available on 13 different platforms and is used by 3 million people (many from Fortune 100 Companies like IBM, Oracle, and HP) who have completed more than 85 million tasks in over 12 million projects. Todoist, a champion of lean startup principles, is built by an chiefly virtual team that spans 18 countries and five continents.