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AOSP-based Today Calendar exits beta, hits Google Play

Today Calendar has now exited beta, with the full version available on Google Play for $2.99. For those that don't know, the app is based on AOSP, but with quite a few tweaks and improvements.
April 11, 2014

Looking for an alternative to Google’s stock Calendar app? A quick look on Google Play will turn up a hefty number of choices, though probably one of the most enticing options is a relatively new app by the name of Today Calendar.

Today Calendar is the effort of developer Jack Underwood, and as of today, it has finally exitedbeta. The Today Calendar is based on the AOSP Calendar app, albeit with a number of tweaks to both the UI and the feature set. Underwood’s app also is reportedly snappier and more responsive than the stock Calendar app.

In addition to everything you’d except from a typical calendar program, Today also offers a “All-in-One” view that combines month and agenda views of the stock calendar so users can organize and plan their days from a single view. Another key feature of Today is its minimal, transparent calendar widgets, which come bundled with the app — though they can be purchased separately as well.

As for the UI changes? Gone is the gray UI of the stock Calendar, replaced with a clean UI with a slightly more colorful look that actually seems at least a little reminiscent of the leaked Gmail/Calendar redesign screenshots we’ve been seeing lately.

Today Calendar is a premium app, and  will set you back $2.99. For those that aren’t sure whether or not it’s worth spending cash on a Calendar app when the stock app largely meets your current needs, you can always grab the free two-week trial to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Anyone try out the Today Calendar yet? If so, what do you think of the app in comparison to both the stock app and other calendar alternatives found on Google Play?