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T-Mobile and Walmart are offering prepaid Samsung Galaxy S2 for $299 ... Or are they?

The nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier and the multinational retailer are selling the GS2 for $299, which might still seem like a rather steep price, except that it's for the pre-paid version of the phone. But is this already a good deal?
September 5, 2012
T-Mobile Galaxy S2

While some may look at the year-old Samsung Galaxy S2 and say it’s yesterday’s news, we still think of the S3’s forerunner as a better than average mid-ranger. It’s true that it doesn’t (yet) run Jelly Bean and has a smaller display than everybody’s favorite super-phone, but size isn’t everything and the hardware configuration isn’t half bad.

Unfortunately, the S2’s price has been kept rather high due to it being still pretty popular, so most bargain hunters out there are still waiting to get their grubby hands on the 4.5-incher. Or were waiting, because T-Mobile and Walmart have just announced one of the sweetest deals going on for last year’s Galaxy star.

The nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier and the multinational retailer are selling the GS2 for $299, which might still seem like a rather steep price, but — wait for it — it’s for the pre-paid version of the phone. That means no contractual obligations for you and no more paying through your nose for two years for a phone you might get bored with after a couple of months.

Of course, the GS2 on sale at Walmart is not an unlocked phone per se, so you won’t exactly get to choose your preferred carrier. Instead, you’ll be forced to go for T-Mobile and pair your brand new handheld with one of the carrier’s “no annual contract” plans starting at $30 per month and including unlimited data, unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of talk time.

Now this all might sound too good to be true, and for many of you it’s unfortunately just that. Walmart’s website is already listing the prepaid Galaxy S2 as “out of stock online” with no news of any reinforcements coming soon. A bunch of tech-savvy users with an eye on their budget are also reporting Walmart stores across the country as being out of GS2 stock too, so either the deal has expired before it has even begun, or the retailer didn’t expect the offer to get to such a flying start.

Either way, many of you will not be able to take advantage of the deal for now, which I know will frustrate the heck out of anyone out for a good bargain mid-ranger. Not to mention that it also seems that technically you’ll be asked to pay $329 upfront for the Galaxy S2 (with $30 credit included), so the offer might not be as lucrative as it looked.

After all, you can get the unlocked and contract free Galaxy Nexus for just 20 bucks more straight from Google Play, and you also get to choose your preferred network. Not to mention the GNex is already running Android 4.1 while rocking mostly superior tech specs.

So, is anyone thinking of waiting to see if Walmart’s stocks of the prepaid GS2 will be refreshed? Or is it not your kind of deal after all?