The overall excitement surrounding Marvel’s The Avengers movie might have toned down a bit in the past couple of months — after all, everybody’s seen it — but I’m sure there are a still a lot of comic book and film fans eagerly awaiting the Avengers’ assembly on Blu-Ray and DVD.

The biggest blockbuster of the year, and the third highest-grossing movie of all time, is one piece of cinematic art you absolutely need to own. But if you’re not keen on spending money on the DVD there’s a more convenient way for you to get the film. And no, it doesn’t involve any illegal torrent downloading activities (not that we’d know anything about something like that).

Instead, all you’ll need is a T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S3 — these phoneswill get the exclusive opportunity of downloading the HD Avengers movie for free starting on September 25. You will be able to get the movie by simply visiting Samsung Media Hub on your GS3, and the offer will have no catches, no special conditions and no hidden agendas, so it is what it is: a licensed movie completely for free.

Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy the blockbuster not only on your phone, but also on any HDMI-capable TV set courtesy of the Samsung AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. That’s an accessory we’ve heard a lot about for a pretty long time, but which we haven’t seen available for sale at many retailers.

Until now that is, because T-Mobile will be putting the Wireless Hub up for grabs online and in retail stores starting September 24 for $99.99. The price might seem a bit steep, but the dongle does let you share any kind of licensed content, including TV shows and movies, from Samsung Media Hub to an HDTV of your choice (including non-Samsung brands).

Like The Avengers, the Samsung Galaxy S3 might have gotten itself a bit overshadowed these past couple of months by newly released high-end phones like the Galaxy Note 2, LG Optimus G or Apple iPhone 5. This marketing move, however, should help bring some of the spotlight back and make people remember that this is still one heck of a phone, probably the best in the world. If you think the same and you haven’t purchased it yet, T-Mobile has it for as low as $279.99.

There’s a lot of Avengers excitement going on in the Android world, with an official game being teased by Marvel, so fans of the franchise should not get too bored while waiting for the sequel. Not to mention there’s also an Iron Man 3 just around the corner. Groovy!