What’s going on with Tizen nowadays? Not much, unless you count those earlier reports about its supposedly obvious yet still untimely demise. For the longest time now, people have been saying that Tizen is either dead or delayed. Now a new report on DigiTimes says just that — that Samsung has delayed further Tizen development, according to unnamed industry sources.

Samsung, which started co-developing Tizen with Intel as a kind of exit strategy from Android, has reportedly “slowed down” its development of the Tizen OS, seeing as how it might benefits some of its biggest competitors on the Android front. We’re talking about other Android phone makers such as LG, Sony, and HTC, of course. And if the reports of the delay are true, then the delay is actually quite a reasonable move for Samsung.

And yet, despite these reports of a delay, a blog called Tizen Indonesia claims that the first Tizen-powered smartphone is going to be released in October of this year, first in five countries where carrier negotiations have already been completed by Samsung. These five countries are China, France, Japan, Russia, and the United States. It is also said that Huawei will be involved in the development of Tizen-powered handsets (specifically, for China).

It is said that the carriers involved in the deployment of the first Tizen smartphone include NTT DoCoMo, Orange, France Telecom, and Sprint. And the reason why the phone is going to be released in the countries where these carriers do business is that they have been determined to be the countries where the highest rate of success can be expected.

Would you be interested in a Samsung-branded Tizen smartphone? What about one from HTC? There’s a possibility that it might be released at the next Samsung Developers Conference, which will scheduled to happen in San Francisco, California. Do you think it’s worth looking forward to?

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