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Samsung is apparently working on a Tizen powered Galaxy S3

The WiFi Alliance recently approved a device that looks to be a Tizen powered Galaxy S3. Can it really be true? Is Samsung really going to release a variant of the Galaxy S3 running an operating system almost no one wants?
September 24, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a Finnish handset maker called Nokia. They were working on a Linux powered operating system called Maemo. Intel, one of Nokia’s friends, was also working on their own Linux based operating system called Moblin. Both of them decided to get together one day and combine their operating systems into something called MeeGo. But then something bad happened. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s new boss man, didn’t want anything to do with MeeGo, he was in love with Windows Phone, so he decided to break up with Intel. Sad and alone, Intel started crying. Samsung saw this and wanted to make things better. One special hug later and Tizen was born.

Has Samsung released any Tizen compatible devices? To the best of our knowledge, no. According to the WiFi Alliance, that’s soon going to change. Their database shows that a Samsung device dubbed the “GT-I9300_TIZEN” became certified earlier this month. The thing is, there’s already a Samsung device out there with the GT-i9300 product name. You and I know it better as the Galaxy S3. So this brings up an important question: Is Samsung planning on releasing the same device, but powered by their own home brewed operating system?

Why would they do such a thing? Let’s start with the obvious: Apple hates Google, and Samsung uses Google’s software, so Apple brings Samsung to court to get them to stop using Android. Then there’s the whole destiny thing. Without Google, Samsung is just another mobile phone maker. Let’s be frank for a second, Android transformed Samsung into the world’s largest handset maker. With Tizen, which doesn’t even necessarily have to be any good, Samsung could better negotiate with Google.

Then again Tizen could very well be the next Bada, Samsung’s other Linux based operating system that was taken behind the barn and dealt with. It’s too early to say that of course, but we’re not going to sugar coat this: Samsung just isn’t good at software. We love their Android devices, a lot, but we think they’d be even better if came without TouchWiz.