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Tizen OS officially unveiled at MWC

Samsung and Intel's Tizen OS has been demoed at MWC this week. As well as showing off the operating system, there have been are some key announcements about the future of the fledgling OS.
February 27, 2013
Tizen Handset

Tizen is another Linux based operating system, like Android, which is being developed in a joint venture between Samsung and Intel. The initial idea was to create an open source operating system free from Google, where carriers would have more control over the content.

The new operating system has been demoed at MWC this week, but as well as showing off the interface and apps there have been some important announcements regarding the future of this fledgling operating system.

Huawei has now joining the Tizen Association, which steers development of the operating system, and European network provider Orange has signed up as another carrier looking to take future Tizen powered handsets to market.

Japanese network provider NTT Docomo has confirmed that it wants to be the first carrier to offer a Tizen smartphone, and we’ve already heard that Samsung is planning on shipping out Tizen handset later this year. Similarly Orange has committed to bringing Samsung and Huawei smartphones powered by the new OS to market in 2013. This certainly puts the pressure on Google, as Samsung is the go to manufacturer for many consumers looking for a non iOS smartphone.

Orange and NTT Docomo have both stated the first Tizen phones will debut for around $300, which puts them towards the top end of the market. Orange also has plans to bring Tizen to emerging markets sometime in 2014, which could see budget models also using the new operating system.

What do you think of Tizen? Is this a sign of growing tensions between Samsung and Google, a sensible business decision to diversify away from Android, or a win for us consumers via a broadening of choice?