With so many new apps coming out into the market, it is only expected to find a new Android app every once in a while. TiVo is the latest company to join the army of Android apps as it launches its own DVR-controlling app.

Through this app, users get to manage their TiVo devices using their smartphones. The app boasts of usable functions including record and season pass functions and have channel and episode guide support. Even while on a smartphone or a tablet, the app looks the part of an actual TiVo remote from its button layout up to its like/dislike buttons. This is through ‘a TiVo remote replica’ selection. However, you users can also opt for the ‘gesture-based remote control.’

Unfortunately, the app does not allow recorded or live TV watching on the device but it does add mobility to users who are not in front of their boxes.

The app should work on all Android 2.1 and higher smartphones and 7-inch tablets, even on the Amazon Kindle Fire. Some features are exclusive to TiVo Premiere DVR customers.


Install the app by clicking here.