The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in several colors, including Pebble Blue, Marble White, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, Titanium Grey, and La Fleur. Despite the wide range of colors the phone comes in, it looks like T-Mobile is only interested in selling two colors at one time. An internal memo has confirmed that the carrier is dropping the Pebble Blue color which is available on the carrier in favor of Titanium Gray.

T-Mobile is reported to launch the Titanium Gray model of Galaxy S3 on January 4 but won’t be selling it until the Pebble Blue model is sold out. The details that surfaced on a leaked memo reveal that the stores must sell their existing inventory of 16GB Pebble Blue model before they switch to the 16GB Titanium Gray model.

While the carrier is changing the inventory of 16GB model to gray and white colors it will still sell the blue and white models of Galaxy S3 for the 32GB model. While you may not be able to find the new color model of the device on January 4, which is the day it is going to launch, it is reported that the phone will be available in stores no later than January 9. The new Galaxy S3 model will also be available in Best Buy and Walmart stores on the same date the carrier will start its sale.

T-Mobile is also having a year-end sale which is dubbed as “Zero Down Sale” through which users will be able to buy 16GB Galaxy S3 with no money down after a mail-in rebate.


Varun Raj
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