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Titanium Gray colored Galaxy S3 to show up at T-Mobile stores as early as tomorrow

It appears as though the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile is getting the ax in favor the new Titanium Gray color. It could arrive in stores as early as tomorrow and as late as January 9th.
January 4, 2013
Galaxy S3
When devices are released in different colors, the popular choices are black and white. Samsung went a little different with the Galaxy S3 by offering a white variant and a pebble blue variant. If you haven’t gotten your Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile yet, you now have a second option.

As TMo News reports, T-Mobile is on the precipice of releasing a titanium gray Galaxy S3. This would match up the current offerings of the Galaxy S3 with the popular Galaxy Note 2. The casualty in the change is the 16GB pebble blue variant won’t be available anymore.

When will the Titanium Gray Galaxy S3 be available?

The popular opinion is that it will be between tomorrow and January 9th. So sometime in the next five days. Also, if you really wanted the pebble blue, there is still some hope. The 32GB version will still be available if white or titanium gray aren’t your thing.

Anyone going to be picking one of these up?

[Image credit: TMo News]