If you have a rooted mobile phone and you discover that your phone has been wiped almost as if it were back to its factory settings, it can be pretty disappointing. Especially with the open source development nature of Android, anyone can easily gain entry to the phone’s root access and load custom ROMs or even replace the factory image with kernels that have been compiled from the community of the OS. Developers would normally strip off the stock OS on the phone as well as the extra fluff that cell phone networks companies have added to it. In such instances, developers call the fluff as ‘bloatware.’ Afterwards, they put back the system together hoping to produce a smooth and customizable mobile experience.

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Given the number of how-to methods now being offered just about everywhere, people can easily load a custom ROM to their phone. But because most of these steps require wiping out the data and cache the settings on the phone’s recovery menu, the task becomes tedious. Before installing a new system, the user needs to format the old one.

As soon as the new ROM has been loaded, the apps and data previously on the phone will be all but gone. While there is an option to back up settings to Google servers before the wiping process, the direction is not always a good option to take.

Thankfully, there is now a free app available in the Android Market dedicated to users who have root access. The app, called Titanium Backup, allows users to have a back up copy of their apps and data, and store these into the SD card. In addition, the app has other features such as freezing apps so they don’t keep running in the background or even taking up space in the memory of the phone.

Titanium Backup also has a paid version which serves as a donation to its developers. This version runs batch processes to restore, back up, freeze, unfreeze at the push of a single button.  Through this app, ROM crazy users get save their time from dealing with system and data loss.