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Tiny Bird brings Flappy Bird to the Pebble

February 11, 2014
Tiny Bird

In case you missed it, Flappy Bird is no more, but its clones are running amok in the Google Play Store, ready to cash in on the now-missing phenomenon, and at least one app puts the insanely hard game on your Pebble.

The Flappy Bird clone is called Tiny Bird, and it’s now available in the Pebble appstore for free. The game is basically the same as the original, you have to guide your small bird through a series of pipes to see how far you can go before failing. Of course, the Pebble version of the game uses only greyscale art, so the pipes don’t look as much like Super Mario Bros. pipes as they do in the original game. Though that do seem reminiscent of the pipes in the GameBoy classic Super Mario Land.

To play Tiny Bird, all you have to do is press the up navigation button on the Pebble. That will make the bird flap it wings and continue flying for a few more seconds. It’s a simple enough concept, but devilishly difficult in practice. Trying to contort your hand around the Pebble for an extended period of time to play it might make the game even more difficult to play, which could arguably just add to the experience.

If there’s any downside to Tiny Bird its that it might cause your Pebble smartwatch to run out of batteries before too long is you play it often enough. Otherwise, it appears just as fun and addicting as the original game. Just be careful you don’t smash your Pebble with a hammer while it’s still on your wrist after your hundredth failed attempt to pass more than a few pipes.

Will you try playing Tiny Bird on your Pebble? Or are you already done with Flappy Bird clones?