If you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook finally updated its platform and launched the Timeline feature to the accounts of its users. Unfortunately, it has been getting a number of negative reviews on the desktop version of the site. But with regards to opening the site on mobile Web and through Facebook for Android, well, there are mixed reactions about this.

Last December 15, Facebook changed its interface to the much raved Timeline feature. This gives each user a more chronological look of their Facebook photos, account, and other posts. Although it is now available on computers, mobile web and Facebook for Android, the updated UI is still not available on Apple based devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The Good

Contrary to the people who are disapproving of the change, Timeline has actually helped millions of its users get a faster way to rediscover things they used to share. As a result, they can easily revert back to an old post they did in the past. It also includes a few social apps such as Netflix and Spotify, where users can automatically share their media activities with friends they are connected to.

Changing Your Facebook UI

If you haven’t experimented with it before, you can still do so before it is formally launched. Upon logging into your network, you will get prompted if you would like to upgrade to the Timeline UI. But due to security and privacy measures, users only have 7 days to review the things that appear on their Timeline before the public gains access to it.

Sadly, if the Timeline UI does not work for you, you only have 7 days to change back to your old UI. If no action will be taken, Timeline will automatically go live on your profile.

Things You Can Do on Your Timeline:

  • Design your own Timeline presentation so that it tells more about yourself.
  • Locate certain stories much faster using the ‘All’ dropdown located on top of your activity log.

If you want to have the app on your profile, you can either get Timeline by going straight to their page. Or you can wait until Facebook has finally announced Timeline on the top portion of your profile. Timeline is available for desktop or laptop users by opening m.facebook.com. It is also available on Facebook for Android users.


Christine Torralba

Christine Torralba has been a freelance writer for the past couple of years. While most of her work has been ghostwritten, she has also contributed articles to magazines such as SPARK, Monday, Vault and Epic. In her spare time, she cooks, takes photos of food, and manages to write about it on her food blog.