If you’ve been waiting for a while to have your HTC Rezound unit unlocked, now’s the time to do it. HTC has just added help for unlocking the Rezound.

Because the Rezound is still not part of the list of officially supported HTC devices, recovery is not yet available. This limits users from flashing radios and alternate bootloaders. Hopefully, developers will start working on this pretty soon.

But considering the earlier removal of the unlocking method for the Rezound, you might want to do it asap. There’s a high chance that unlocking your bootloader won’t last long.

Unlocking HTC phones is not unusual. In fact, HTC has provided official unlocks to help developers through their online portal, HTCDev.com.

If you’ve already unlocked your Rezound, let us know how it went.


[Source: Droid Dog]

Christine Torralba
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