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Time-delayed and voice-activated photo modes coming to CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod has shown off an update for its camera app, which introduces voice activated and time delayed photo capture features. Sadly there's no ETA on when this will be merged with CM10.1.
April 25, 2013

I’d tip my hat, if I were wearing one, to the CyanogenMod developers, not only do they continually punch out bug fixes and patches, but they also find the time to implement cool new features into their software.

Yesterday CyanogenMod showed off an upgrade to its default camera app which will integrate a voice activated shutter mode. Based on the pictures shown in the update, there will be a much needed time-delay feature included as well.

The voice activation feature is enabled from the standard settings “wheel” in the camera app, but it has to be switched on every time you take a photograph. However the feature’s developer, Ricardo Cerqueira, has indicated that he may add a setting to enable a persistent toggle in the future.

Cyanogenmod voice camera

Once enabled, the voice-capture mode is activated by uttering a selection of different words; currently Cid, Whiskey, and the always popular Cheese can be spoken to trigger your photo.

As for the timer mode, you can see from the picture that the interface allows for a delay between ten seconds and one minute, which again is accessed through the settings “wheel”.

If you’d like to see the function in action, check out the video below.

I’m hoping that this will make its way onto my old Galaxy S2 running CM10.1, but currently no date has been given so to when this feature will be implemented in Cyanogenmod 10.1, so I’ll just have to sit tight. How about the rest of you CyanogenMod users, is this a feature that you’re looking forward to?