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Timberman is the latest craze, as frustratingly addictive as Flappy Bird

Timberman is the latest craze in the Android and iOS world, with many calling it "the next Flappy Bird" thanks to its addictive and challenging gameplay.
July 16, 2014

Now that the Flappy Bird fad has mostly come to an end, you might be looking for the next big addictive time waster. While there are certainly plenty of apps out there that can feel the void when it comes to frustrating and addicting gameplay, Timberman might just take the cake.

While not necessarily new, Timberman has largely been unknown until its recent and sudden meteoric rise to fame on Android and iOS. The game is far from a Flappy Bird clone, but it does have a few characteristics in common with the game, including an easy learning curve yet extremely addictive gameplay that is much harder than it first appears. Additionally, the game has arcade-style 8-bit graphics and sound.


This time instead of guiding a bird through a maze of pipes, however, the object is to quickly chop down parts of tree without hitting into branches. If you hit into a branch, you die. If you run out of time, oddly enough, you die. The idea sounds easy, but I’ve already concluded that I suck royally at this game, though your experience may vary.

Just like Flappy Birds, the game is entirely free to play and is supported by ads, though you can pay a $.99 fee to remove the ads permanently. The game seems to be pretty well received so far and maintains a 4.4 star average with over 31,797 5-star ratings and 6,425 4-star ratings.

To check out Timberman for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. For those that have already tried it: what do you think, how does it compare to Flappy Bird? Just as annoying, or at least a bit more enjoyable?